Motoring & Traffic Offences

At Bailey Garcha Solicitors our highly experienced team of solicitors have expertise in defending both individuals and companies in a full range of driving offences such as:-

  • Speeding
  • Drink/ drug drive offences
  • No insurance/ MOT
  • Failing to complete notice of intended prosecution
  • Failing to provide specimen
  • Special reasons argument
  • Exceptional hardship
  • Carless drive
  • Dangerous drive
  • Death by careless or dangerous drive
  • Drive whilst disqualified

Our Fees

Our fees for dealing with motoring offences will vary depending on whether the plea is Guilty or Not Guilty and the number of court hearings involved. Our fees will typically include:

    • Considering the evidence;
    • Taking your instructions;
    • Advising on the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you;
    • Preparation such as site visits and taking witness statements;
    • Liaising with third parties such as the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Court etc;
    • Providing advice in relation to our plea and likely sentence;
    • Discussing with you where exceptional circumstances, or special reason arguments should be made to the Court;
    • Representation of you at Court.

Cost of a Single Hearing

The provision of advice and representation at the Magistrates Court in relation to a summary only traffic offence dealt with at a single hearing is £600.00 excluding VAT (£720.00 inclusive of VAT).

Matters that are not dealt with at a single hearing are charged at the following hourly rate:

Hourly Rate

We charge an hourly rate, our hourly rate is outlined below:

  • Preparation/ Attendance/ Advocacy: £210 plus VAT per hour
  • Travel/ Wait: £140 plus VAT per hour
  • Letters/ Telephones: £21 plus VAT per item
  • Mileage: £0.45 per mile
  • Photocopying: 0.10 per page
  • Disbursements: Charged at cost

The above fees do not include the items disbursements. Examples of additional disbursements may include, experts/ third party fees, i.e. fees for medical records, fees for the instruction of a medical professional, will need to be paid by yourself at cost. Fees for any third parties would be required to be paid in advance prior to any instruction. Once we have identified a suitably experienced expert to conduct work on your case, we will provide these quotes to you along with the relevant CV’s for your approval.

Time Scales

We are not always able to provide timescales of when your hearing will take place as this will depend on the court fixtures and court listings for any particular day.

We will make every effort to keep you up-to-date on any issues affecting the time it will take to deal with your case.

For free initial advice call our offices on 0121 233 2842